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Between the drop and a hard place When novelist Vicki Hendricks made her first skydive she was hooked. And she found that her fellow addicts didn’t just take risks with death, but with life, drink, drugs and sex Sunday 1 September Observer Sport Monthly In my mid-forties, unaware that this would be one of the most important moments in my life, I visited a nudist resort at the invitation of a bodybuilder who had helped me to research steroids for a novel. It was an unusual setting for a first date, but I’ve never been shy about getting my clothes off, especially among strangers. I met Chik and Laurie that day, a married couple relaxing in the hot tub, and after we tried not staring at each other for a while, they introduced themselves and tried to persuade me into doing a tandem skydive. I’d be strapped to an experienced – and gorgeous – skygod who had done thousands of jumps, and I would experience flight without a plane. Then I would float gently and silently under a brightly-coloured canopy and the skygod would land me softly, like taking a step down from a ladder. From what I know now, my state of undress might have given them a clue that I was skydiver material. The same could not be said of my date, however. He was, he said, scared of heights, my first encounter with a ‘whuffo’ Wha’ fo’ you wanna jump outta perfectly good airplane? I was surprised to find that I wasn’t scared by the prospect.

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Commentary: In Denmark, a skydiver gets entangled with cables under a plane. The pilot has no idea he’s there, until he gets a message. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

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A skydiver is obviously someone who works with the sport of skydiving, whether as an instructor, a coach, a parachute packer or a photographer! There are other job opportunities available for skydiving-enthusiasts, that involve less licensing and less of a commitment. A skydiving instructor is that thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkie who jumps out of planes for a living…and teaches others to do the same! This job is actually not as reckless as the description makes it sounds; in fact, this role, as with all skydiving employee roles, is all about safety.

Before all of the jumping and flying can happen, the skydiving instructor thoroughly educates their students on landing procedures, body positing and other safety instructions. Once proper training has been completed and the equipment has been checked on the ground, the instructor and the students will take-off into the clouds, and make the jump. Instructors may go with a student, in what is called a tandem jump- during which the instructor and student are attached and the instructor is in control of the jump; OR, the instructor may act as a supervisor to solo jumpers going for their skydiving license.

A parachute packer is a skydiver who assists with packing the parachutes for instructors and students. Although this may not be the most thrilling job in the drop zone, it is a good way to network with other skydivers, and can get you quick cash for every parachute that you pack! The on-site photographers and footage editors will be the skydivers who are filming, photographing and editing the footage of the jumps!

Some people try skydiving for the first time and absolutely fall in love with the sport!

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Wanna know if couples can skydive together? The short answer is yes–licensed solo skydivers do it all the time! Skydiving couples are in no short supply on the world’s dropzones, as love and freefall go hand-in-hand.

Skydiving has literally never been safer! resulted in improved skydiving safety and the lowest number of fatal accidents in the sport to date.

A celebration of skydiving will take place Saturday at Grove Road, just north Garrettsville. The Cleveland Skydiving Center will celebrate 50 years of skydiving by Bob Gates, who owns the small airport and ran the skydiving center for many years, as well. He started skydiving at age 13, according to Karen Gates, his wife. She said family and skydiving friends from around the country will converge at the site Friday, and Saturday the public is invited to observe a day of celebratory skydiving.

Now, Landon Gates, their son, is an avid skydiver. The Cleveland Skydiving Center includes an office and training center, complete with a room where new skydivers are suspended from above, so they can get a sense of how it feels to have a parachute deployed. The airport features a 3,foot grass and gravel runway that Karen said can accommodates planes as large as DC-3s. Dale owned one years ago that flew out of Gates Airport.

Skydiver dangles under plane for an hour, survives

A D-Day veteran has completed his first high-level skydive since parachuting into Normandy in Harry Read, 94, took to the skies from Old Sarum airfield in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and jumped 10,ft. During the conflict, parachuting would take place as close to the ground as possible to avoid being attacked. Mr Read said: “On that morning at He decided to complete a jump himself after he visited the battlefields of Normandy on an anniversary tour earlier this year.

(CBS4)– The girlfriend of a skydiver found dead in a field, hours after Sonja Hinish, who had been dating Polfuss for about seven months.

Drop zone founders Larry and Liliane Hill started in the skydiving business at a gravel airstrip north of Phoenix with a single Cessna in January of As their operation grew, it became apparent they would need more space. Soon the drop zone had grown to four Cessnas, four Beeches, and two DC-3s. Business continued to grow and a new location was sought out that would allow for further expansion.

Work began on the new DZ at Eloy just 10 miles from Coolidge in February of , and the new facility opened for business in April of Although close to major highways, it is surrounded by flat, uninhabited land for miles in every direction. Visitors remark on the oasis like appearance of the center, which has plenty of grass, a swimming pool, and trees in the midst of an otherwise barren desert.

Around the central building, which houses offices, aircraft manifesting, classrooms, and an indoor packing area, one can find everything a skydiver needs. Equipment sales, food, a shower and laundry facility, grassy camping area, recreation hall with bunks for overnight guests, and a basketball court are some of the many amenities. It takes more than just great facilities to put thousands of skydivers a year in the air efficiently and safely.

102-year-old woman may just be the oldest skydiver ever

Irene O’Shea became what seems to be the oldest person to skydive at years old and days. The previous oldest skydiver, according to news reports, was Kenneth Meyer, who landed a jump in at years and days. On Sunday, O’Shea bundled up, boarded a helicopter, and while strapped to her instructor, she jumped out at 14, feet — all for a good cause. After her daughter died of motor neuron disease — a degenerative disorder also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease — 10 years ago, O’Shea began raising awareness and funds for research.

We offer Accelerated Freefall AFF, UK tandem skydiving and static line parachuting. Jump up to Our vouchers last for one year, pick a date of your choice.

Later on it changed its role to fulfil a training role before eventually closing in May Skydive Hibaldstow has its origins from several early parachuting clubs dating back to the s. Doncaster Parachute Club started in the early s. The operation then moved in to its present location due to the industrial development, with the runway being dug up and replaced with warehousing.

Skydive Hibaldstow host the National Championships each year, and hold a range of events including:. In addition to events, Skydive Hibaldstow is a centre for team training, including back-to-back jumping where a skydiver or team can make numbers of jumps by using more than one set of equipment. After landing from the 1st jump, the equipment is handed to a qualified parachute packers and meet the same aircraft with a second set of equipment as it lands on the runway.

The National Championships were first held at Hibaldstow in Since then they have continued to host this prestigious competition ever year except one. The disciplines which are held include 4-way and 8-way formation skydiving, freefly, freestyle, speed skydiving and VFS vertical formation skydiving. Two weekends Saturday to Monday are set aside every August, with the events being split equally between them.

In , a record 78 teams took part see below for more information. As part of this, they own a selection of student equipment and parachutes for hire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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By Melissa Garcia. CBS4 — The girlfriend of a skydiver found dead in a field, hours after making his jump, is left waiting for answers. Logan Polfuss, 23, never returned from his last skydiving trip. Authorities did not find out that the man was missing until his girlfriend called police nearly eight hours after the jump.

After her first marriage ended, the two ran into each other again at another skydiving event. They started dating, fell in love and got married in.

Want to go tandem skydiving in the sun? Skydive Spain is located just 20 minutes south-west of Sevilla , in the south of Spain. After only 15 minutes of instruction, you will be ready to do a tandem skydive with your expert instructor. You will experience terminal velocity at around mph on your first jump for up to a minute! This can only be achieved from Video and photo Be sure to book the video and photos option for your tandem skydiving adventure!

Enjoy your own personal camera flyer! This option involves a professional camera flyer jumping with you to record the whole adventure: the training, the gearing up, the boarding of the aircraft, the take off in the plane, all your free fall time and the parachute landing. This includes a personalised video of the whole experience!

Or you can book Instructor Handycam , giving you an up close view of the skydive. The handycam is a new option! On the day, availability is limited.

Man who died in Vancouver Island skydiving accident identified as father of 2

Please refresh the page and retry. A year-old man from the UK has died in a skydiving accident in the US, according to local police. Christopher Swales went into free fall during a tandem skydive near the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona on Sunday.

Weekends are definitely the most popular days for our Skydiver Training retail rate, and these can be redeemed for six months from the date of purchase. Check with our riggers on-site or call them at to discuss the work you.

Posted by Freefall University. There is plenty to think about as a new jumper. The world of skydiving opens up once you earn your A License, and your life really is in your hands. One of the most fun things about having your license is the ability to travel to new dropzones and attend events with other licensed jumpers. Of course, this adds new issues to consider than you may be used to.

The Freefall University Skydiving School aims to turn students into competent, safe skydivers who enjoy long careers in the sport. Part of doing that is providing mentoring long after a jumper has a license in hand. This article contains advice and reminders for new jumpers considering traveling to jump somewhere new or attend one of the many awesome events this season.

Your first time away from “home” and the familiar equipment, people, planes, gear and landing area you’re used to can seem stressful. Don’t be too intimidated! It is a great chance to meet new people and learn more about skydiving.


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